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The Carolina Beach Boyz are rapidly becoming the hottest group in the upstate of South Carolina. The history of the group is steeped in tradition that is evidenced by their renditions of songs like “Cooling Out”, “Can I Change My Mind”, “Sexual Healing,” and “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”. Their natural harmony and stage charisma has pleased crowds all over the world.


Larry “Laser” Ligon
could easily be considered one of the hardest working men in show business. His physical and vocal energy begins the minute he hits the stage and doesn’t end until the show is over.


Nathan “Ray” Sligh
provides unsurpassed artistry to the group with his guitar genius and stage antics, not to mention his vocal talent in which all is performed with cool, laid back style.


Art “Leo” Adams
was born in Abbeville, SC. However, he lived a majority of his life in Greenville, SC. Greenville is where Leo’s performing career began, by playing in local night clubs. In 1978, Leo was awarded a government contract to entertain at military bases across the southeast. In mid-2000, Leo resurfaced with a group named Carolina Beach Boyz, and started his own record label, WindJammer Records. Since then, Leo has produced 4 CD’s and has the ambition for continued growth.

Leo is definitely the glue that binds the group together. His mastery of percussion, vocal talent, and natural abilities, command the audience attention. Leo’s participation makes every minute of the groups performance a show to remember. Please continue to listen for a whole lot more from Leo.

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